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About Us

Boutique 32... What's in a name?!?

32. Does it stand for an age? A budget? Is it a lucky number? Someone make it up?  Actually, its' significance is more to me (Sarah), the founder, than I can describe! But I'll try! 

Naming a business is an important process. Hasn't every name practically been done before? So, it required reflection. I wanted to take the name down a different path than most boutiques out there. I'd consider myself neither overly cutesy or fancy, so I choose something that was more authentic to me, and hopefully resonates with you, too. Straight-forward, simple, yet significant.

I'm Sarah...and while I'm now 33, 32 was a profound time in my life. I was ready to move forward, dream big, and grab life by the horns again, after tragedy brought my life to a standstill 2 years prior. 32 is quite possibly my favorite age and time in my life. For me, it's a sweet spot in my life as a woman, wife, and mom (to 2 little boys)... just to name a few titles I carry. I've gained wisdom from life experiences, have an overall nice balance of my life, yet there is so much still ahead of me to hopefully look forward to. I kind of feel like I have it together (most of the time, because,#momlife ).

After being dealt a tragedy right before my 30th birthday, I lived each day going through the motions. I emerged from that era ready to move forward and live again. 32 represents... An Awakening. Freedom. Confidence. Beauty. Determination. Wisdom. Strength. All things I feared had faded away in the midst of pain, yet prayed would be restored.

And it gradually started to happen. In 2016, I was introduced to a popular direct sales clothing company when I was postpartum. I was struggling with my body image and it impacted my self confidence. It was then that I understood the power of clothing and how fashion can change a woman's life. 

I was a successful consultant, yet, in 2017, a voice inside kept telling me to branch out independently. I could reach further and impact more woman, like you, by opening my very own boutique. This offers more control, more freedom for me to bring you the latest styles and products... at amazing prices! Cute, comfy, with affordability all in mind women of various ages and sizes. I like to think of it as style made easy. For you. For life. 

It is my hope that the styles I bring to you, will make you feel about yourseIlf the way I did at 32 (and still do at 33). 

We offer great selection of womens clothing and accessories (with a occasional Mommy and Me options) in regular AND plus sizes. Easy to wear styles that can mix and match easily. Truly affordable prices. Shopping options online and in person. Fast Shipping or Local Pick Up. In this busy world, we want to make your life AND style easier with boutique shopping that is simplified!